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Security fog system for warehousing


Warehouses are an easy target, often in areas with minimal footfall with vans and lorries rarely being questioned as they arrive and depart.

A security fog system is a proven and effective solution in preventing unwanted visitors removing your stock and assets.

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To be effective the scale of the requirement is down to the right design
and application of our systems

We install and maintain 1000’s of Security Fog systems around the UK with warehouses and industrial trade counters forming a large percentage of this number.

We work with our clients to put in place an effective system designed to their individual premises and businesses needs providing protection with an all-round solution.

The effects of crime

  • Damage to property
  • Affects sales
  • Raises insurance premiums
  • Employees demoralised
  • Increases costs
  • Clients unable to wait for new stock
  • Decreases profit

Businesses come to us with their most crime affected sites and we prove that with the correct design and installation that the losses stop and so do the associated costs.

While a system is being designed, we can deploy mobile units to provide immediate cover until your own full system is commissioned and operational.

Security fog system for warehouse

We are specialists in protecting many types of environments

free survey

Free survey

A full free of charge survey completed to design a system to fit your individual requirements.



Warning signs are provided and installed to warn would-be criminals that security fog is installed and operational.

customer support

Customer support

We have our own Customer Support Team available 24 hours a day.



We provide notification that a security fog system has been installed and is active to your local police and fire brigade.


Staff Safety

Staff safety and morale are greatly improved with a security fog system.

Protect night and day

Designed to protect assets night and day.

Increase in profits

Return on investment is important our clients see an increase in profits with losses down.

Warehouse environment

Perfect for the trade environment, silent and discreet until needed.


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0845 812 3010
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