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Security fog systems

A multipurpose loss prevention system perfect for many applications.

Proven time after time to be effective in providing protection from both daytime attacks and out of hours break-ins.

The return on the investment our clients have made in protecting their staff and property across 1000’s of installations we have installed and maintain across the UK, has reduced their bottom-line costs and helped towards overall profitability.

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Often the last line of defence in loss prevention

Security fog is often used as a last resort when a company first contacts us. Suffering multiple losses either in one place or across their whole estate.

That’s how most of our customer partnerships start, we have then over time become an essential trusted supplier to many.
Critical to an effective security fog system is the design and installation, understanding what our customers want to achieve and how the building runs day to day.

It’s often not a one design fits all, we work with property owners to ensure every system meets with their approval and integration with fire alarms and other life safety systems is achievable.

security fog

Security fog system in action

The way a security fog system works is perfect for many applications from a high street jeweller to a computer room in a school and everything in between. In fact, if you have any sort of valuables security fog will be probably be the best option for protection! Do you have a server room in your office? Computer stations in your office? Cigarettes in your shop?

No more bars and grills and it only works when it is called in to action by either the alarm system or by manual activation for such things as a robbery situation in a bookmakers or a petrol station. We have fitted 1000’s of these systems and have proven very effective in saving our customers millions of pounds in losses.

We are specialists in protecting many types of environments



We have the right products to aid in loss prevention against day or night attacks.



To be effective the scale of the requirement is down to the right design and application of our systems.
Schools & Offices

Schools & Offices

With ever increasing expensive equipment the risk of break in and loss heightens.
Private Homes

Private Homes

Your home is your castle. With our experience, we can keep you and your family secure.

Core services

What is security?

Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any valuable asset, such as a person, building or possession, essential in today’s society.


How we do this?

We design security systems that safely stop lose both day and night by utilising the best fit products and technology for the client to perform when required.

What sets us apart from others?

Our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring what we install work’s with effective communication to our customers and pricing that fits within budget.

What happens afterwards?

When we have installed a system of any kind that is the beginning of our on-going support for all our customers offering planned maintenance programs and a 24-7 emergency call out service UK wide (we never close).


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