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Security fog system for schools & offices


Break-ins are increasing within educational establishments and offices with many holding vast amounts of high tech expensive equipment and assets.

Every night somewhere across the UK a school or office suffers a break-in.

Using a security fog system is a proven and effective solution in preventing this.

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With ever increasing expensive equipment the risk of break in and loss heightens

Schools and offices are increasingly being targeted for break-ins, causing a drain on already stretched budgets and resources, causing anxiety to students and staff.

We have over 15 years’ experience and knowledge in the security fog industry and can supply and install a bespoke system designed specifically for your school or office providing targeted protection to key areas providing you with a fully effective all-round solution.

The effects of crime

  • Interrupts student’s education
  • Disruption and anxiety to students and staff
  • Damages property
  • Puts staff safety at risk
  • Increases expenditure
  • Affects already stretched budgets
  • Raises insurance premiums

Educational facilities and businesses alike come to us with sites that have suffered break-ins and we prove that with the correct design and installation that the losses stop and so do the associated costs.

Security fog system for schools and offices

We are specialists in protecting many types of schools, colleges and offices



A full free of charge survey completed to design a system to fit your individual requirements.



Warning signs are provided and installed to warn would-be criminals that security fog is installed and operational.

Targeted Protection

Targeted Protection

Key areas can have increased and alternative protection with mobile units being deployed until a full operational system can be fully installed and commissioned.

Privacy and Trust

Privacy & Trust

We handle sensitive information every day, we hold all our data within a secure encrypted platform with permission-based access.


Staff and student safety

Staff and student safety and morale are greatly improved with a security fog system.

Protect night and day

Designed to protect assets night and day.



Return on investment is important for our clients with losses down aiding them to remain within tight budgets.

Educational and office environment

Perfect for the educational and office environment, silent and discreet until needed.


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