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Portable Rapid
Deployment Unit


Have you suffered a break-in and concerned they will return for more?

We have a solution that provides rapid protection with minimal setup and is easy to use.

Secures your business instantly from further loss and interruption.

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Portable Rapid Deployment Unit

Instant protection from a proven system

Statistically when a premise suffers a break-in, unfortunately, it is highly likely they may return before extra security measures are put in place.

With the best will in the world strengthening the defences of a building takes time to organise and implement working with your supply chain.

Staff can feel unsettled or even distressed when a break-in happens, with disruption to your business and worse case loss of sales with missing stock.

Security fog is a proven effective loss prevention solution used in many types of buildings saving clients millions of pounds in loss, as a permanent solution this can take a few days to organise power requirements and alarm connections.

Our temporary deployment units are ideal for the interim period between break-in and installation of a fixed solution.

Key benefits

  • Simple, straight forward and easy to use.
  • Working within minutes of deployment.
  • Suitable for many applications, such as retailers, offices, homes and schools.
  • Reassures staff that action has been taken.
  • A standalone system that needs no integration.
  • Standard 3 pin plug is used no special electrical requirements.
  • Secure wireless activation.
  • Stops loss using a proven system.
  • Warning signs are included to deter would-be criminals.
  • Perfect for in-house security teams to deploy.
  • Outright purchase or rental available.
Portable Rapid Deployment Unit

What’s included

  • Standard plug
  • Wireless controller
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy move castors
  • Retractable handle
  • Sounder
  • Finger guard
  • Own detection
  • LED active light

Rapid Protection Deployment



Stop further loss with instant protection that is a proven solution.



Don’t put replacement equipment at risk from another break-in.



Losing valuable IT equipment is costly, stop it from happening again.

Private homes

Private homes

Feel safe and secure in your home stopping unwanted visitors.


Why use a rapid deploy solution?

Suffering a break-in is stressful, frustrating and demoralising, instead of waiting for it to happen again, have instant protection.

How do we do this?

We deliver, set up and train your employees how to use this simple effective solution.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Reacting quickly to your needs anywhere in the UK, providing proven protection.

What happens afterwards?

We can carry out a site survey when delivering the temporary unit and work with you and your contractors for a permanent installation.


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0845 812 3010
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