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How does security
fog work?


No other loss prevention system drives criminals away.

Installed across a wide variety of applications with the same result.

Proven to stop loss, day and night.

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How does security fog work

Why is security fog so effective?

Traditionally the main defences against a break-in are an alarm system and CCTV inside.

With bars, grills and maybe shutters on the outside.

All of which can and are beaten as offenders know how to defeat them.

With an individually designed and professionally installed security fog system there is little chance of getting past it.

When activated, a very dense nonharmful wall of simulated fog is produced and dramatically reduces vision to practically zero.

Ejecting would-be thieves back out of the area empty-handed.

For night-time protection, the most common method is a connection to the existing alarm system always ready to go to work when the alarm is triggered.

A security fog system is also an effective solution to daytime robbery, which is designed to push attackers away and protect staff and assets.

We constantly train people in the use of our systems, so they feel secure in their place of work.

We have installations across the UK in both high street and shopping centres protecting day and night.

Schools, warehouses and private homes which have, in the past have seen break-ins stop completely after installing one of our systems.

Damage caused by raids is also prevented by using well-known warning signs demonstrated many times to deter attacks.

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