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Asset management


Tracking your valuables can be achieved in a number of ways.

Asset management is an effective solution be it preventing loss or just knowing where critical equipment in your business is located.

We have a range of products to suit all applications from off the shelf solutions to bespoke capabilities.

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Track and protect what is important to your organisation

If you can’t find something does it mean it has been stolen?

There many reasons for not having to hand what you need in the course of your work, hoarding by others, “put in a safe place” mislaid by you or others or yes simply it has been stolen and all of these can lead to extra expense.

Tracking of equipment is not expensive when relative to value of the item, we have a range of innovations that make asset tracking affordable with an easy to understand cloud-based platform.

An asset could be a key which you give to a contractor which you returned to you at the end of the day.

Equipment within the confines of the building and are critical to its location for fast access such as medical devices in a hospital.

Do you lend or hire out items and only have a paper-based record with no reminders or schedules in place for its return?

All of the above are simple applications of asset tracking that ensure the expense of replacing items are kept to a minimum.

Asset management cogs

We are specialists in protecting many types of environments



Healthcare services are under pressure like never before to reduce costs, track what you have keeping critical equipment under your control.


Keeping track of expensive tools knowing who has what and for how long with an automatic reminder to return reduces loss and saves costs.


With the very nature of farming, equipment is spread over a wide area keeping track of what is where can be challenging we have a system to do it.


With GDPR and the need to check where the basics like keys are our systems meet all regulations and give a full audit trail of use saving time.

Asset management you can trust


Simple to use systems from application of trackers to simple to use cloud based platform.

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Keeping track of what is where and who has what is easy to achieve proving individuals’ ownership.

Multi-level solutions

Having the right tracking system in place relative to the cost of the item is important, all communicating to one platform.

Privacy & Trust

We handle sensitive information every day, we hold all our data within a secure encrypted platform with permission-based access.


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