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Cloudview’s Visual Data Platform transforms the way organisations use, store and access their Visual Data.

Transform CCTV footage into visual data, make it available anywhere and leverage it using state-of-the-art visual data analytics.

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Intelligent CCTV is here making the most of your camera systems

Cloudview started in 2012 with the simple observation that whilst CCTV systems incorporate a lot of sophisticated technology, they are not able to provide a clear, reliable and secure overview of the visual data generated by multiple cameras across multiple systems — often in multiple geographic locations.
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Don’t be at risk with onsite recording storage

Where CCTV equipment can be either physically accessed, or accessed via a local network, the management of visual data is relatively straightforward, but when multiple cameras located at multiple geographic locations are involved, the logistics of collecting and processing visual data becomes complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Add to this the emerging need for organisations to create shared networks of cameras across geographies or supply chains, then layer on top of that the requirements of the GDPR and the need for secure, reliable cloud-based systems becomes not just apparent, but pressing.

Cloudview provides a trusted way to consolidate visual data that can be compared to a Bank, and like a Bank we want to enable our clients to fully leverage their assets. In the case of Cloudview through the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns within it. We do this by ensuring that the Cloudview platform will interoperate with visual data analytics software either at the “edge”, or in the “cloud”.

Core services


Cloudview provides an overview, and secure access to visual data captured by any number of CCTV cameras at any number of locations — anywhere.


Built for resilience and predictability, Cloudview utilises Amazon’s high performance, secure, global, cloud infrastructure.


Cloudview connects to CCTV cameras using its secure visual network adapters (VNAs) with no need for additional hardware, software, fixed IP services or VPNs.

Privacy & Trust

Cloudview brings centralised control to corporate visual data collection and authorised users can fully manage the parameters of visual data collection and storage.


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